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Social Media Analytics

My Responsibilities

In my role as the Digital Marketing and Social Media Associate at the Market Social, I send out monthly analytics to each of our clients to keep them updated with how their company is performing on each of the major platforms. This also provides the opportunity for the clients to ask questions or share concerns they may have and for us to find a solution to those concerns. I also provide suggestions for ways we can improve on each platform that is underperforming compared to the month prior and positive reinforcement for platforms where we are seeing exceptional growth. Based on the research I have done to gain a clear understanding of the social media landscape, I have identified the following metrics as the primary points we should track:

  • Reach: The number of people who have seen any of the client's posts at least once.

  • Impressions: The total estimated number of times all of the client's posts have been seen.

  • Engagement/Engaged People: The number of times people engage with the client's posts through reactions, comments, shares, and clicks.

Our primary goal on each platform is to grow the client's following and increase engagement on each of the client's posts. Understanding how the algorithm works on these platforms, I know that the more engagement we can get on each post will lead to the client's content being offered to more people. The higher the volume of people we offer the content to, the more people that will see our clients' profiles which leads to more people that will want to work for their company or become a loyal customer of the brand.

Previous Month's Examples


How It's Done

I provide a comprehensive analysis of each client's performance on the major social media platforms that is developed in Adobe InDesign. I leverage Loomly's social media analytics tracking feature to track our key metrics across various social media platforms, including Meta, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The only exception for where I gain the data from for the three major platforms is unique visitor data, which is essential for us to assess how many new visitors are viewing the page and coming back to engage with the content. Additionally, I harness Google analytics from each company's business profile to measure each client's online visibility and how much traffic is being generated to the profile. I am also able to gain a comprehensive understanding of website visits and each brand's perception based on ratings and views. The final portion of my analysis stems directly from TikTok, where I am able to pull data on reach, total followers, video views, likes, comments, and shares, providing a holistic view of the platform's performance. 

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