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Website Development

My Responsibilities

Over the past 11 months I have fully developed 35 different websites and I currently maintain 40 websites across three different web design platforms. In my role as the Digital Marketing and Social Media Associate with the Market Social, I am responsible for:


  • Providing continued support for all web properties of our clients

  • Developing a completely original design including color scheme, page and section transitions and animations, and ensuring that the site has a modern and professional feel to it

  • Writing copy for every section of the website to effectively portray the client's brand identity, purpose, what they offer, and what they stand for in a way that appeals to potential candidates

  • Researching and utilizing the highest ranking keywords in the copy and SEO snippets to make sure that our websites rank high on the Search Engine Results Page and to make sure that our clients' websites are showing up in the correct search results for their target audience

  • Continually optimizing website pages and SEO snippets to maintain a high rank in Google results

  • Recommending ways and encouraging the client to provide certain elements to personalize the website including pictures of the team, company values, and a mission statement

  • Performing routine website audits as well as ongoing maintenance to ensure that all site features are operating correctly and that all information is up to date

In addition to fully developing and maintaining our clients' websites on Wix, I am also responsible for regularly updating and maintaining a variety of different websites that are maintained in WordPress and hosted on GoDaddy.  My responsibilities include:

  • Regularly downloading cPanel information and backing up each site to prevent against data loss and should be performed regularly

  • Installing security updates in a timely manner to makes sure the websites remain protected against known vulnerabilities

  • Continuously monitoring and optimizing website performance by updating website copy, improving existing pages and optimizing design elements so that my clients are able to effectively connect with visitors

  • Ensuring that all applications are up-to-date and functioning flawlessly

  • Monitoring page load times and website uptime and introducing changes to the website to improve performance

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