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Graphic Design

Graphic design is at the forefront of everything I do with the Market Social. In my experience as a graphic designer, I've been able to combine my passion for bringing experiences to life with my high attention to detail to craft captivating visuals that motivate my target audience to interact with the images. Through the medium of social media content creation, I've navigated the dynamic landscape of digital platforms, engineering advanced visuals that resonate with and motivate engagement from my target audience. Simultaneously, my exploration into logo design has led me to transform brand identities into compelling visual symbols that effectively convey the image of the brand they represent. I invite you to dive deeper into my work to experience for yourself what audiences all across the country have had the pleasure of enjoying. 

Logo Design

One of my other specialties as the Digital Marketing and Social Media Associate for the Market Social is developing unique and original designs for our clients' logos that exclusively identify their business in a way that is memorable and true their brand's purpose.

Social Media Content Creation

In my current position as the Digital Marketing and Social Media Associate with The Market Social, I am in charge of developing and regularly posting content for 35 different clients. I create graphic designs, edit pictures and videos, develop unique captions, research and provide the top hashtags that relate to the topic of each post, and schedule each post to be posted at the best times in accordance with each client's unique audience

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