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Logo Design

What I Do

One of my other specialties as the Digital Marketing and Social Media Associate for the Market Social is developing unique and original designs for our clients' logos that exclusively identify their business in a way that is memorable and true their brand's purpose. The goal of our company is to help our clients stand out from their many competitors in this growing industry, so it is my job to come up with original and never-before seen designs that catch the eye of the consumer and differentiate the brand from their competitors or previous companies that have operated in that region. I am able to achieve these high quality designs by:

  • Extensively researching the client's industry to gain a full understanding of the work they do

  • Studying the regions they operate in to incorporate elements that will appeal to their target audiences 

  • Researching the proper color schemes that not only blend well together but will evoke positive emotions from the buyers

  • Providing multiple examples of different logo ideas so that the client has options to choose from

  • Regularly communicating with the clients and with my team members to find a design that not only resonates well with the client but that will catch the eye of the general public

Alternative logo style.png
Next Up logo idea.png
Light Vision Logo.png
Vertex color logo.png
Non editable logo Wired Innovation_edited.png

Exemplary Designs

Enigma logo 2.png
New Synergy logo.png
Tunnel vision logo 3.png
A logo.png
pierre enterprise logo.png
Jacob Cline Logo 3.png
Ethereal Logo.png
New first class logo 2.png
okan logo.png
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