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Hello. My Name Is Donald Wilkin!

Welcome to my portfolio!

About Me

Hello. My name is Donald Wilkin and I am a motivated digital marketing and social media associate with a strong background in driving impactful online campaigns. With over two years of experience working at prominent digital marketing agencies, my passion lies in harnessing the potential of social media for marketing and advertising. My journey began in Bolingbrook, Illinois, and led me to Baldwin Wallace University in Berea, OH, where I graduated with a double major in Digital Marketing and Business Administration.

Currently, I excel as a Digital Marketing and Social Media Associate at the Market Social, adeptly managing the social media presence for 35 diverse clients. My responsibilities encompass the entire content creation process, from copywriting and graphic design to video editing and content farming. I consistently post engaging content for each of our clients ranging from 3-5 times a week across platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok. My commitment extends beyond content creation; I collaborate with and supervise digital marketing associates to execute successful social media campaigns.

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My proficiency extends to website development, as I create and maintain websites for clients using various platforms including Wix, GoDaddy, and WordPress. Leveraging my skills in SEO, design, and original content creation, I deliver complete websites in as little as 3-5 days. In addition, I diligently analyze and report on social media performance metrics, offering insights and recommendations for enhancement to clients on a monthly basis. By fostering open lines of communication with client managers, I ensure alignment between strategy and implementation.

Prior to my role as the Digital Marketing and Social Media Associate at the Market Social, I gained valuable experience in a variety of areas as the Marketing Coordinator at Fortress Consulting. In my role as the Marketing Coordinator at Fortress Consulting, I conducted market research to analyze competition, trends, and customer behavior, translating data into insightful reports. I played a key role in developing and executing five successful social media marketing campaigns, handling content creation, ad management, and data analysis. I managed paid social campaigns for top clients with budgets ranging from $50 to $120, with each one spanning a week. I actively pursued new clients through email and phone outreach. In my daily operations, I leveraged tools such as HubSpot,,,,, Eventbrite,, and Facebook Ad Manager.

My Specialties

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Graphic Design

Graphic design is at the forefront of everything I do with the Market Social.


Website Development

Over the past 9 months I have fully developed 27 different websites and I currently maintain 35 websites across three different web design platforms.


Social Media Analytics

I send out monthly analytics to each of our clients to keep them updated with how their company is performing on each of the major platforms.

  • LinkedIn Learning Social Media Marketing Fundamentals

  • LinkedIn Learning Content Marketing Fundamentals

  • LinkedIn Learning Digital Marketing Fundamentals

  • LinkedIn Learning Marketing For Instagram

  • LinkedIn Learning Marketing on Facebook


  • HubSpot Social Media Marketing

  • HubSpot Email Marketing

  • Certified in Google Analytics

  • Certified in Microsoft Excel

Rod Gaddy

CEO of Southern Event Management Inc.

"Donald has a rare combination of talent, vision, discipline and work ethic. Helped brand our company in a way that accurately represents our culture. Very highly recommend."

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